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Recently I started a couple of new projects which have led me to using zeit/now a lot. It basically takes away hosting and provides you with a serverless deployment system with an incredibly easy setup. Deploying is done using one command:

now --prod

The only thing left to do is buying a domain name and aliassing it through a variety of methods of your choosing. You also get a free ssl certificate with the alias which is even nicer!

That's why I started looking into moving my website from my Raspberry Pi to now. Unfortunately they don't allow cross origin outgoing calls which blocked the idea.

My API is hosted at home, behind a default non certificate domain. This meant I wasn't able to use my API anymore unless I purchased an SSL certificate myself and did some setting up. Eventhough they are not that expensive I just didn't feel like buying it and going through the hassle.

So what's the typical developer response? Do something completely else and eventually lose a lot more time doing it than what the original thing was going to take.

I dropped my API and started using as my CMS instead of providing an entire backend with database myself. It took some time getting it set up but now that it's up, it's even easier to maintain.

Want to update my website styling or adjust some minor things?

# do some minor things in code
$ now --prod

Want to create a new blog post?

$ open
# do some other minor things on an easy to use dashboard

No more having to build my own docker images (CI) and redeploy them myself on my Raspberry Pi.

Written by Niels Segers